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2012 Supported Programs
  • The VIA Foundation
    The VIA Foundation

    The VIA Foundation will produce a printed and web-downloadable journal entitled The Art of Giving that aims to promote individual and corporate philanthropy. The periodicals will introduce new trends in the field and will be distributed to a carefully selected audience in the Czech Republic including managers, private bankers, donors and journalists.  

  • VIA Association
    VIA Association

    The Restart Czech Republic project will aim to create space for advocacy, transparency and anti-corruption initiatives. The first goal is to engage the Czech public in discussions about public issues giving them opportunity to participate and build a better democratic society in the Czech Republic. The second goal is to deliver and set up functional web-based platforms to trigger social change and public engagement.  

  • Knihovna Vaclava Havla
    Knihovna Vaclava Havla

    A conference entitled Vaclav Havel and the Solidarity of the Shaken will be in Prague on December 2012. The conference will focus on Vaclav Havel’s legacy and his social contribution to the modern world.  


    In IUSTITIA will organize a project that will provide legal assistance and training courses for people who are at risk of hate violence (HV), including the Roma community, foreigners and HV victims.  

  • Film & Roll
    Film & Roll

    Series of documentaries entitled One Year with the Fulbright will show stories of Czech Fulbright grantees in the United States and American Fulbright grantees in the Czech Republic. The documentaries will focus on personal experiences including adaptation to new environments, cultural differences, personal growth and work / school environment. The final documentaries will be presented at Czech Television.  

  • Meet Factory
    Meet Factory

    Meet Factory will organize an Artist in Residence Program that will support one American artist in Prague. The Artist in Residence Program was inspired by similar, successful centers in the United States and it aims to bring the U.S. contemporary art scene closer to the Czech public.  

  • IQ Roma Servis
    IQ Roma Servis

    “Roma work and want to work” is a project that will aim to improve employment and media image of Roma community in the Czech Republic. The Ethnic Friendly Employer Campaign will highlight the successes that Czech businesses have had in employing Roma and other minorities. The vision is to create a wide-ranging media campaign explaining that “Roma want to work, too,” showing benefits of equal treatment and fair work ethic.  

  • Environmental Law Service
    Environmental Law Service

    The Joint NGO Anti-Corruption Platform Project in the Czech Republic will serve as a hub for a network of NGOs and civic watchdog groups, concentrating their input about local, regional and national public spending through a single mechanism.  

  • Diakonia CNPS
    Diakonia CNPS

    Diakonia will organize a project that will raise public awareness about human trafficking in the Czech Republic. Journalists, students and socially disadvantaged groups will be the key target audience.  

  • Rozpocet Verejne
    Rozpocet Verejne

    An internet website will be developed and will serve as a tool to monitor the decisions of respective municipal officials. The website will provide simplified budgetary information and demonstrates transparent administrative procedures. The goal of this project is to minimize the inefficiencies in municipal budgets.  

  • Charles University – Faculty of Social Sciences
    Charles University – Faculty of Social Sciences

    An American scholar Ralph Young will come to the Czech Republic to teach a course at Charles University and to present lectures for the public at the American Center in Prague. Czechs will have the opportunity to get familiar with American political culture, civil rights movements and with forms of contemporary dissent. The lectures will address the story and development of dissent in America and how it shaped American society.  

  • Czech Music Information Center
    Czech Music Information Center

    The Contempuls International Festival of contemporary classical music in the Czech Republic will take place on November 6 – 23, 2012. An American music group the Taela Ensemble will come to the Czech Republic to perform for the public and to participate in workshops and lectures focusing on the contemporary American art music. 

  • Kamera Oko
    Kamera Oko

    Kamera Oko organized an interactive Entry Free Cinema Workshop for students interested in filmmaking where they had the opportunity to learn about film production. The workshop aimed to engage students from disadvantaged social groups to get valuable experience that will help them in their future careers. 

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