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New Schedule of Consular Fees

July 9, 2010
U.S. passports. (photo U.S. Embassy Prague)

U.S. passports

Beginning July 13, the fees for a variety of Consular services will be changing. The follow list details the new fees, including those for passports for American citizens, notary services, and immigrant visa processing. A full list of all Consular fees may be found at

The new fee structure is being implemented after much deliberation and the Department of State welcomes public comment until August 27.

Passport and citizenship services:

  • The application processing fee for adult passport applications will be $70.
  • The passport book security surcharge will be $40.
  • The fee for additional passport pages will be $82.
  • The fee for file search and verification of U.S. citizenship will be $150.
  • The fee for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad will be $100.
  • The fee for documentation of formal Renunciation of U.S. citizenship will be $450.


Overseas citizens services: 

  • The fee for making arrangements for a deceased non-U.S. citizen is now $200, plus expenses.


Immigrant and special visa services:

The immigrant visa (IV) application fee will be as follows:

  • Immediate relative and family preference cases: $330
  • Employment-based cases: $720
  • Other cases (special IVs, Diversity Visas (DVs), self-petitioned cases, and all other IVs): $305
  • The IV security surcharge will be $74.
  • The DV fee (which is charged in addition to the application processing fee and security surcharge) will be $440.
  • The fee for determining returning resident status will be $380.


Documentary services:

  • Notarial and authentication services will all be $50.


Judicial assistance services:

  •  The fee for processing of letters rogatory will increase to $2,275.
  • Fees for taking depositions and executing commissions to take testimony will change as follows:
    • Scheduling/arranging appointments for depositions: $1,283
    • Attending or taking depositions or executing commissions to take testimony: $309/hour plus expenses
    • Swearing in witnesses for telephone depositions and  supervising telephone depositions: $231/hour
    • Providing seal and certification of depositions: $415.