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American Center

Why to Come to the American Center?

The American Center (AC) is your guide to the United States in the Czech  Republic.  

  • AC offers  authoritative, up-to –date information on a wide array of U.S.-related topics.  We hold lectures on U.S. history, politics, nature, and politics.
  • AC hosts both U.S. and Czech experts and academics in various areas of human interest who share their experiences.
  • AC provides a window into American culture—by cooperating with U.S. artists, by showing documentaries and movies.

What Do We Offer?

  • Research center—The American Center's Library has a collection of books on U.S. history, contemporary politics, society, foreign policy, law. 
  • Selection of U.S. newspapers, scholarly periodicals and popular magazines.
  • Specialized information databases from the U.S.
  • Information materials from the U.S. Department of State and other U.S. government institutions.

Events and Programs

The American Center is the venue for various seminars, conferences, lectures  on American history, politics, science as well as beauty of American landscape. We also organize art exhibitions and concerts.

At, you can find our monthly program. You can also sign up  to receive our Month Ahead program.

Visit the American Center!

  • Website of the American Center

American English Online

  • American English Online